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for a new perspective?

100% recycled materials

Glasses for eco-optimists

Look at the world through eco-optimistic glasses

A retro-chic design combined with timeless colours and durable materials. Your new glasses are so much more than any pair of average glasses. It is your authentic fashion accessory. René(e) Lunettes is a way to express your style and reinvent yourself. Fashionable, yet functional. Talk about multi-functional!

Lifestyle and upcycling at its best

We are not going to keep showing off that our eyewear is indispensable in your life. What we do like to flaunt is our sustainable approach. Eco-friendly is the way to go. That is why every cell in our body is convinced that waste can be a valuable resource. Did you know that your (future) glasses are made of 100% recycled materials? That's how you make sure plastic waste stays out of nature and out of the oceans. Wow, you really are a superhero! 

Want to know more about how you can save the planet with René(e) Lunettes? Then read more about our resources here!

What role suits your René(e)?

Reading a new chapter smoothly

As the wine of our life ages, the muscles around our eyes lose their elasticity. That’s why you sometimes have trouble focusing on things that are close by. This is called "presbyopia", also known as "farsightedness". With our optical glasses, you'll be able to read the menu of your favourite restaurant again in no time. That book you never managed to finish? Time to put it back on your bedside table!

Give your eyes a break

On average, we spend up to 6 hours a day looking at a screen. Add 4 hours to that if you have an office job. Ever suffered from eye strain, headaches or sleep issues? Then you have found the culprit. A blue light filter blocks up to 40% of the HEV (high-energy visible light) your screens emit. This relieves your eyes to make your screen time more comfortable. Because admit it, we all love our screens way too much to abandon them.