#RE-Z Faded Photograph Yellow Blue Light


Timeless, elegant, unisex.

A model for that timeless and classic look. Made of 100% recycled materials and coated with a rubber layer for an ultra-comfortable feeling.

Looking at old polaroids with Faded Photograph Yellow. Grab your mum's photo books, reminisce about forgotten memories and laugh at all your childhood photos.

Color: Faded Photograph Yellow Blue Light

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Get to know your René(e)

What diopter do I need?

As the wine of our life ages, the muscles around our eyes lose their elasticity. With our optical glasses, you can catch up on your favourite book in no time. Not sure where to start? Find the right diopter via our reading test.

Don't lose sight of the following info. Check your eyes regularly with an optician or ophthalmologist. Our René(e) glasses are unsuitable for eye protection or driving a machine or car.

Why bluelight?

Often working on your computer? Or are you as addicted to your phone as we are? A blue light filter makes your screen time more comfortable. You can also avoid complaints such as eye strain, headaches and sleep issues. This filter blocks up to 40% of the HEV (high-energy visible light) your screens emit. 

Why recycled materials?

A retro-chic design combined with timeless colours and durable materials. This is how you give old plastic bottles and other waste a new life. We specifically go for single-use plastic products. These are the ones that most often end up being thrown into nature, burdening the climate and our health. Woohoo, we’re saving the planet! 

Want to know more about our materials? Continue reading here

What's in your René(e) Lunettes box?
  • Your new, indispensable glasses
  • A felt pouch to protect your trusty partner
  • A cleaning cloth to get rid of filthy fingerprints
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"I travel a lot. Never leave the house without them."
— Dries
Customer reviews
"I love these so much. They feel natural and strong."
— Eveline